Drain The Austin Swamp.

President Trump is working hard to drain the D.C. Swamp, but we need conservatives in Austin to do their part for Texas.

In the Texas House Doc will refuse the backroom deals that sell out taxpayers to the highest bidder and fight to save every taxpayer penny, protect your fundamental freedoms, and defend your conservative Texas values.

Protect the Texas Miracle

Our state has been blessed with abundant resources and a thriving economy. But tax-and-spend liberals in both parties are threatening that prosperity. As your State Representative Doc will defend the Texas miracle by keeping taxes low, reining in spending, cutting useless regulations, and fighting for everyday Texans, not special interests.

Of special interest to Doc is our southern border. For the past several years he has actually put himself in harm's way by working with The Texas Border Volunteers, a group which conducts operations at the busiest checkpoint on our southern border south of Falfarius.

That group of volunteers station themselves at night in the backcountry surrounding the Border Patrol check station. Once they spot those who are trying to illegally enter our country, they report them to the Border Patrol.

Ensuring Texas Excellence in Education

Doc recognizes that you don’t solve a problem by throwing more money at it. He will fight to reform Texas public schools in creative ways to ensure our state’s future isn’t stifled by a failing education system. House Bill 3 passed in the last legislative session is a great example of the positive things that can be done to improve education. Good teachers need to be incentivised and rewarded for their efforts. The epicenter of education is the triad of parent-student-teacher and we need to build on that relationship.

When it comes to our Texas colleges and universities Doc will make sure they stay affordable for everyday Texans and continue to deliver a high-quality education for those who choose to attend college.

He has proven that philosophy of governance while serving in the elected position of Board of Trustee of what has now become the fastest growing community college in the U.S. with over 90,000 students, Lone Star Community College of Houston.

Pictured in photo: Honor Roll student Maurica Caines one of the many students Doc has mentored in his veterinary clinic receiving her college diploma.

Making Healthcare Affordable

Bureaucrats in the insurance industry and the government have teamed up to make your healthcare more and more expensive. Doc will strive to cut red tape on both sides and make it easier for East Texans to access high-quality, affordable healthcare on their own terms--not the terms of some bureaucrat. Having just won a 2 year battle with bone cancer Doc knows the concerns of those needing life saving drugs and medical attention.

Securing Texas Communities

Doc knows that prosperity and security go hand in hand. In the Texas House he will fight to ensure our law enforcement officers have the resources and ally they need to keep our communities safe.

He will also fight radical leftits who want to handicap our law enforcement’s ability to tackle illegal immigration and make sure Texas never becomes a “sanctuary state.”

Pictured in photo: Texas Border Volunteers, Doc Collins and Mike Torres, found a vehicle used for human and drug smuggling then turned it over to the Border Patrol.